Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring-Ford students, Philly artist ‘Bring the Outside in’ at ninth grade cafeteria

 Local ninth grade students are leaving a lasting impression on their school walls, and it is not getting them in trouble.

The students in the Spring-Ford Area School District's Ninth Grade Center are creating a series of fused mosaics for the school's cafeteria. The mural is going to include a series of colorful glass tiles inspired by student photography and drawings.

"The fused glass installation is being created to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the school's cafeteria; the theme is 'Bring the Outside in,'" said Amy Culp, of the Ninth Grade Center art department. "Under the direction of [me] and Cori Rudloff, the photography and art teacher at the Ninth Grade Center, students helped design the installation by referencing macro photography pictures taken by the freshman photography students."

From the photos, the art students stylized and formatted them into a design spanning five glass panels.

"The students had much interest in working in this medium," said Culp. "They learned how to cut different types of glass and place it onto larger squares of glass, to follow the templates."

The students worked with Philadelphia-based mosaic artist, Jessica Gorlin Liddell, through the Artist in Residence program, coordinated by Art's Alive!

"The work was then executed in the cafeteria under the leadership of Fused Glass Artist, Gorlin Lindell," Culp said. "Over 100 students, staff and administration took part in creating fused glass sections."

The students and staff at the Ninth Grade Center worked with Gorlin Liddell to add their creative talents to the overall project. Once the glass tiles are completed, they are kiln fired in Gorlin Liddell's Philadelphia studio.

"The three completed panels are set to be installed by April of this year," Culp said. "We are looking forward to the opportunity to complete two more glass panels which will complete the five-panel design."

The images reflected in the mural are things that can be seen outside, and are native to this area, such flowers, berry branches, birds and butterflies, among other things. It took five days to design, five days to create using a glass mosaic technique, and will take one month for the Artist to fire and fuse the glass together. From start to finish the project will take two months.

"It was a gratifying experience to help facilitate a piece of art that incorporated the work of our photography students, art students, faculty and administration," said Culp. "Everyone worked together to bring the outside in, using fused glass."

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