Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 Steps of drilling holes in hard porcelain tiles with diamond drill bits holesaws granite and marble

Step 1: Locate the area of the tile to be drilled with the diamond holesaw

Find the area on the tile where you are going to drill the hole with the diamond tile drill.

Step 2: Locating the non-slip guide plate onto the tile ready for the tile drill

Place the anti-slip guide plate into the correct area on the tile ready to accept the diamond holesaw or tile drill.
The more you push against the plate the tighter it grips the porcelain tile, or granite, marble, glass, mirror, or other hard stone material.
Step 3: Slot the drill into the guide plate ready to form the hole in the tile or marble
Place the diamond crown or holesaw into the correct size hole of the drill plate and press the drill bit up against the porcelain ceramic tile or other hard material lik granite or marble.
If you have slightly wet the drill bit first by dipping it into water then this helps to cool it.
Slowly drill for between five and ten seconds but no more. You do not want to build heat into the holesaw.
Step 4: Remove the drill to expose a small pit into the tile
If you remove the drill and the anti-slip guide plate from the wall you will see the porcelain tile now has a small pit sunk into its mass. This will also be the same for marble tiles, granite worktops, travertine, slate, pottery and many other hard materials.
At this point you can discard the guide plate (drill plate) because it is no longer required.
The diamond holesaw will sit back easily into the ring and no pilot drill is required to hold everything in place.
Step 5: Place the diamond drill back into the porcelain tile to drill hole
The drill bit will slip back into the porcelain tile and lock into place without sliping.
It is very safe to drill the hole into the tile without the need of the guide plate.
Hard stone tiles including granite, marble, travertine and porcelain are very dense and so of course heat will begin to build up quickly as the diamonds grind away at the surface.
You must control the heat build up of the tile drill
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